New Windows: Top Signs Replacement is Necessary

When you think about energy efficiency and your home, windows are usually at the top of the list. However, is there any way you can know for certain that your windows are on their way out? Deteriorating windows and doorframes are easy to spot, if you know the top signs. Before you start calling Nashville [...]

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Overwhelming Evidence You Need a New Roof

Next to the foundation, your roof is probably the most important physical structure on your home. A good sturdy roof protects the entire interior from the elements. Many times roof damage is not readily apparent to the untrained eye, but there are some definitive signs that you are well overdue for repairs or replacement.   [...]

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Many Uses for a Sunroom

Have you always dreamed of the day you could schedule your sunroom installation? Perhaps you have recently purchased a home with an open porch and you want to create a space that is more versatile and usable all year long. Do you live in the river valley where mosquitos are a problem? A sunroom is [...]

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Energy Efficiency Audits of your Home

Have you been thinking about replacing windows or siding on your house? Before you hire a Knoxville contractor, it is important that you understand energy efficiency and how to conduct an audit of your home. There are several areas in your home where you could be losing energy; the most prominent areas are roofs, insulation [...]

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What to Ask a Knoxville Roofing contractor

  1.  How long will the project take? The Knoxville roofing contractor should be able to furnish you with an estimate time on the start to finish of the project, taking into account weather conditions and any hiccups that may arise. 2.  Are there jobs you have done that I can go and have a [...]

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Knoxville Roofing Maintenance: The Easy Way

Summertime, and the living is easy and this is also the best time to deal with any roofing issues you may have. Unfortunately, it also means that the job will cost you more as supplies dwindle and prices go up towards the end of summer. Having your roof checked out by a professional Knoxville contractor [...]

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What do You Know about Windows?

They are made of glass and provide you a glimpse into the outside world but what do you really know about choosing the right windows for your house? While you may be tempted to choose replacement windows based on aesthetics or the latest fad it is important to take the time to really understand your [...]

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Different Ways to Enjoy Home Improvements

Hiring a competent and well known and respected Nashville contractor you can eliminate all fears you may have in home renovations. They cover just about any aspect of home improvement and make is as easy as possible for you. It begins with sitting down and planning, from the very smallest details to the biggest. If you are [...]

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Does Your Knoxville Home Need Windows?

Home maintenance and improvement can be a real pain, and many times gets overlooked in busy households. That is, until there is a noticeable problem! Do not wait until your facial board has rotted away or your windows have fallen out to consider replacement Knoxville windows. Installing new windows on your home has a number [...]

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Home Improvement Projects the Add Value

Many remodeling projects are borne of necessity and reflect the values and needs of the current homeowner, but they do not necessarily add value to the property. Too many homeowners fail to understand this concept and wind up spending money on improvements that will never increase the value of the home should they decide to [...]

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